About Eetame® Sweetness Inhibitor

Eetame® Sweetness Inhibitor is a multi-purpose functional food ingredient (additive) that can be used for improvement of quality to a wide range of food applications.

The active ingredient in the Eetame® sweetness inhibitor is Lactisole. Since 1985, Domino Sugar Corporation (USA) has developed Lactisole (Sweetness Inhibitor) and marketed it as an unique non sweet sugar based ingredient. Their specialty ingredient blended with Maltodextrin and sugar (sucrose) enables food manufacturers to make full use of sugar’s properties during formulation. In a competitive environment in which taste of food is a defining factor, companies can enjoy greater flexibility during food formulation without worry about excessive sweetness from sugar.

Eetame® Sweetness Inhibitor works on reducing sweetness of sugar by blocking the sweet receptors on our tongues. Its white and odorless profile reduces sweetness of sugar without sacrificing the mouth feel, flavor and other functional properties of sugar.

Sugar is a key ingredient for food processing industry. Besides acting as a sweetener in food manufacturing, it has many other functional properties such as: a) Texturing, b) Bulking, c) Preservative, d) Freezing point depressant of food products. However, the addition of sugar can make food overly sweet for consumers. Eetame® Sweetness Inhibitor is a good solution to these overly sweet foods. It also allows sugar to be used as a bulking agent for fat replacement during food formulation while retaining its normal taste and texture. Excessive sweetness and inferior flavor delivery in food will no longer limit food formulators.

Eetame® Sweetness Inhibitor can be used for natural sweeteners like sugar (sucrose), fructose, dextrose and sugar alcohols (mannitol and sorbitol) and also artificial sweeteners like aspartame, neotame, saccharine, Acesulfam K and sucralose.

Lactisole (Sweetness Inhibitor) is approved as GRAS by FEMA (Flavor and Essence Manufacturers Association). Under ingredient statement, it is labeled as artificial flavoring. Approval by US FDA has been received for use in more than 23 food applications. Eetame® Sweetness Inhibitor is typically used in bakery, chocolates, snacks to confectionary products, savory cheese, desserts, ice-cream, meat, soups and sauces.