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Zheng Jianxian

the professor and doctorial supervisor of the Light Industry and Food Institute of SCUT, also serves as the advisor of Jinjiang People’s Government of Fujian, the General Secretary of Chinese Food Additive Production and Application Industry Association Professional Sweetener Committee, member of China's Beverage Industry Association Technical Committee, vice chairman of Guangdong Food Industry Association Professional Food Additive Committee, and the General Secretary of Guangdong Carbohydrate Society and so on.

Professor Zheng Jianxian has been long engaged in the research and development of functional (protective) food, intensive processing of agricultural products, new type of food ingredients and food additives. Since 2000, he has led more than 20 research and development projects at national and provincial levels as well as those entrusted by enterprises. Except some fundamental projects, most of them have been industrialized in production, which is mainly focused on the high-value utilization of large amount of agricultural products, new type of highly effective functional food ingredients (additives), and the research, development and production of new type highly-effective protective food.

In 2005, the group led by Professor Zheng Jianxian, successfully invented an kind of food additive that can lower the sweetness of food —— sweetness inhibitor, and applied for 8 Chinese inventive patent of its production technology and application technology (the patent number: ZL 200510101321.1,………), the overall technology level of which took the lead of the global. The product has been listed among the National Standard of Chinese Food Additive (GB2760-2011). At current, there are only two units truly possessed of the core technology, one is SCUT and the other belonging to America. 


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